Our Vegware means that we have created 11 tonnes of compost - not landfill

Made from plants, not plastic, Vegware's catering disposables are designed to be commercially decomposed with foodwaste. They are made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials.

Thanks to Vegware, your waste creates nutrient-rich compost in under 12 weeks, to feed UK soils and help new plants grow.

All used Vegware disposables can be placed in your ‘Food waste & compostable packaging bin’.


Conventional disposables create recycling challenges by mixing plastic and card. Add in food contamination, and recycling is even less likely.

Plastic + card + food = incineration or landfill




Vegware makes packaging from plants, not plastic. Our disposables are designed for commercial composting. Food contamination isn’t a problem, it’s a vital ingredient for composting.

Plant-based compostables + food = compost to feed UK soils


Once food waste and Vegware share one bin, there’s no food contaminating your dry recycling bin. That’s why in foodservice, compostable packaging is the key to recycling everything.


Vegware’s plant-based disposables break down with food waste in under 12 weeks in commercial composting. Facilities around the UK process used Vegware with food and garden waste into high-grade fertiliser.

Vegware holds independent compostability certification and have conducted extensive trials in organics recycling facilities. And our expertise can help foodservice Close the Loop.


UK soils are in crisis, with only 30 harvests left before fields are barren. Compost can reverse this trend, feeding British soil, to grow crops and feed British consumers.

Unlike liquid fertilisers, compost improves soil structure. This reduces rain run-off and therefore flood risk.

Composting is local recycling in the UK, not exporting waste across the world.


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